Ładowanie Wydarzenia

Invitation to a Learning Experience:

Join an International Assessment in Community

13th -16th of September 2018,  Warsaw, Poland


If you are interested in becoming a Certified Trainer with CNVC, or want an enriching and unique NVC learning experience you can attend an assessment as a NVC-Community member. You will deepen and develop your NVC skills and awareness while we work to ensure the integrity of NVC.

What is the experience like for candidates? How do we DO assessment in NVC:  in partnership? What would support you to be fully present, fully yourself when you come for assessment?

We are pleased that, after a few of these events, having received feedback that is very encouraging, we continue expanding these events. They serve well as being learning opportunities in accordance with the NFP.

You are invited to Poland for more adventures in NVC and feedback offered with care.

When? 13-16 September 2018

Where? Warsaw

Led by? (In English)

CNVC Assessors: Deborah Bellamy from Austria, Shona Cameron from Scotland and Towe Widstrand from Sweden.

Part of the English Speaking European Assessor Team

Information concerning logistic and enrollment: marta.kulaga@leance.org  or annamills@akademianvc.pl,



Training fee for the event for community members: 350 €

(in order to reserve a place we request you to pay full price in advance as we have only 10 spaces for community members)

Accommodation and food:

Full board:  420 PLN  

For commuters (including lunch and coffee breaks): 225 PLN

More Information

Questions regarding the content of the event: contact

Towe: towe.widstrand@humanmatters.se

Deborah: deborah.bellamy@chello.at

Shona: shona@shonacameron.com

Booking form: https://goo.gl/forms/yMwXWhyxkBYjRmXy2

Shona says about the event

I heard Marshall Rosenberg say you need 5 things to learn NVC, Willingness to do things differently, Community and Practise, Practise and more Practise.

As part of the restructuring of CNVC and drawing on the New Future Plan we have moved from an individualised assessment process to offering assessment in community. This means that in addition to your relationship with your assessor you will also benefit from feedback, support and friendship of a community as you take this step to being certified.


Very different ?


Being certified means that your peers acknowledge your skills and growth and integration of NVC. Being certified means you join a worldwide community of trainers, mediators and others and we want to work together. In this way we support each other to grow and learn AND the feedback continues after the event,


Yes as we work together, collaborate and become a stronger voice in the world we are going to need each other for empathy, ideas, encouragement to build a village where we can rest. The world needs us right now and it needs us to stand together, stronger with one voice. The best way to do this is to build community- walk towards the scary places and never stop learning.

Testimonials from previous events:

​"I've experienced the assessment as a learning that combines 50 days of NVC training in 2.5 days. If you are having doubts, don't, instead dive in and follow the flow."  Community Member November 2017
​​"I feel very grateful that I had the chance to be there as an observer. I have learnt so much, especially about myself." Community Member November 2015.