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Empathy: The Heart of NVC


6-day retreat with Shona Cameron

Watch webinar with Shona.


5-11 July 2020, Chata Miłośliwka

Empathy is the bedrock of NVC practice yet many of us get stuck trying to get it “right”. We stumble over words and don’t know what to say or we’re longing to practise so we can access these skills even when communication is getting heated.
Developing the skills and fluency of this practise will be transformative to your relationships and will enable you to take NVC where it is most needed in the world.
Why to participate

This six day retreat is the perfect way to unwindrelax and strengthen your empathy practise.

Whether you are longing to deepen your already developed NVC practise or are starting out exploring empathy, this retreat will offer a place to “be”, a place to learn and a place to form lasting connections.

These 6 days of retreat will be a gift for your heart and will also engage your brain and your body.

We will:

– explore Self-empathy, self-love and radical acceptance as a core practise,
– embody presence and the flow of empathy,
– give you the key tools to ensure your questions build heart to heart connections,
– explore how to stay connected to self and others even when challenging,
– use NVC Dance Floors as ways to bring fluency and fun to practise,
– offer you feedback on your skills and give you plenty of places to stretch,
– teach you how to give feedback to others so you may grow the skills needed in our communities,
– walk in nature and inhabit the peace of this place.

Feedback from participants:

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In the space I experienced this week, I felt welcome, safe, wanted, encouraged and I was growing, becoming more aware, feeling myself more, expressing myself and experienced beautiful heart-to-heart connection. My being is longing to integrate what I have learned – into myself and everywhere else. I’m grateful and motivated. Rico

The morning reflections in my journal had a powerful effect on me. As week progressed I was able to increasingly get in touch with what was alive in me. I cried a lot and felt sadness and joy at different times, and sometimes together as my need to connect with myself was met, as well as my need to connect with others. When I shared my deepest vulnerability with the group I felt relieved as my need for safety was met, and I felt peaceful as my need for deepest connection in my deepest pain was met, and my need to be understood was met.

When I see the way you are keeping this space for me and everybody in the group taking care about each process being started and ended, I feel relieved and taken care of. I’m meeting my need for trust, belonging and inspiration. Looking at you expressing with honesty both your joy and sadness I feel inspired and connected. Meeting my need for authenticity and expression.

Miłośliwka 2018 – Watch the video

A może by tak jeszcze raz.....

Opublikowany przez Andrzeja Karolczyka Piątek, 3 sierpnia 2018

Start: 5.07.2020 at 17:00

End: 11.07.2020 at 14:00


Chata Miłośliwka Czerniec 34, gm Łącko http://chatamilosliwka.blogspot.com/


(fee for workshop and accommodation):

- accommodation: 1050 PLN

- fixed price for the workshop: 1800 PLN


To join this event, please, fill in the registration form and make the payment.


Payment to:

Marta Kułaga Rubikon 02 1050 1445 1000 0091 4893 7189
IBAN PL 02 1050 1445 1000 0091 4893 7189

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Size of the group: 15 participants

The trainer

Shona Cameron Leance Growing together – trainers’ days

Shona Cameron is a psychologist and has been a CNVC Certified Trainer since 2006. She is Assessor in Training for the English Speaking NVC European Network. She is well known for her clarity and humour. Shona specialises in working with empathy in ways that sound “normal” and that can be used anywhere.

Shona works “in the flow” of Empathy and sees no giver or receiver, no fixer or healer only presence and life moving through us.

Do you want to join us?

More info: Marta Kułaga marta.kulaga@leance.org