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Seminar Mediate your Life


This unique program created in the USA, held in at least 6 countries prepares you to be a professional mediator and to mediate conflicts in your own life


3o September  - 3 October 2021, 14-17 February 2022, 12-15 May 2022

Weimar, Germany

Trainers: Anna Mills and Marta Kułaga

Mediation based on NVC-Practices


This seminar will widen your perspectives regarding mediation and conflicts. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) deepens your awareness of feelings and needs. Thanks to that you can find new ways of dealing with conflicts through the lenses of unmet needs and support the understanding and connection between the parties involved. The first step is to approach every conflict – whether internal or external – as an opportunity. When we understand and communicate our needs with clarity, and with deep empathy for the universality of those needs, conflict leads to connection. The illusion of separation from self and others crumbles. Finally, we are at home in the world.

The course is based on Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg and was created by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater in California. Since 2009 it has been offered in several countries around the world.

Foster change in the world and yourself. Strengthen your practice of NVC, strengthen your impact.
Heal yourself and your relationships. You can find common ground – and then reconnect.
Put conflict to work for your organization. Everyday conflict can be a catalyst for growth.
Deepen your professional mediation practice.It can be about truly meeting people’s needs.

The year long immersion program’s three four-day intensives build on each other. With each gathering, we go deeper.

And between intensives, you’ll integrate all you are learning with structured, supported individual and group practice.

The intensives will be presented in English.

Intensive 1: You’ll develop the capacity to be present during conflict and practice applying NVC to mediating conflict – both internal and between others. Among the topics: self-connection; the three-chair model; the enemy image process; the nine skills of the mediator.

Intensive 2: We’ll introduce new material while expanding on previous learning. You’ll begin to gain real confidence. Among the topics: the nine skills (continued); the enemy image process (continued); premediations, mediator self-care.

Intensive 3: We go deeper still with mediating both group conflict and inner conflict. You’ll begin to embody the skills in your life. Among the topics:  mediating with groups; internal mediation.

Between intensives


individual self-connection and skill-building practices


telephone dyad and triad practice with fellow participants


support from assistant trainers

How we teach

Practice: We lay a foundation through instruction and demonstration, but the focus is on practicing and integrating NVC Mediation skills.

Role-play: Experiential learning via role-play is the best way we’ve found to rapidly acquire the skills and capacity to mediate conflict.

One step at a time: To make the skills easier and faster to learn and embody, we approach them through exercises that build one upon the other, in increasing levels of difficulty.

The Modules in detail

Intensive 1: Basics of NVC-Based Mediation (28 tuition-hours)

  • Introduction to mediation
  • The dynamics of conflict
  • Basic mediation tools
  • Active listening
  • Paraphrase
  • Empathy
  • What to do when clients do not listen to each other
  • Requests to repeat what the client heard
  • First contact with the client
  • Individual meetings with clients
  • Mediator's own preparation
  • Feedback after mediation practise
  • How to learn from your own mediation
  • Summary, revision and Q&A-session

Intensive 2: The Mediation process and conflict dynamics (28 tuition-hours)

  • Premediations
  • Preparation for mediation
  • How to deal with your difficulties with the client
  • Professional development of the mediator
  • Sometimes mediation is not the best solution
  • When to refuse mediation
  • Additional forms of mediator support
  • What is the difference between mediation and couple therapy?
  • Informal mediation
  • Contexts of mediation
  • Mediation of internal conflicts

Intensive 3: Mediator’s support and business development (28 tuition-hours)

  • Group mediation
  • Group decision-making process
  • External mediator
  • Internal mediator
  • Conflict Coaching
  • When the other party does not want mediation
  • Exercise in mediation triads - self evaluation
  • Cooperating with a supervisor
  • Course summary


Anna Mills

Anna Mills – Anna has been incorporating NVC into her everyday life since it was first introduced into Poland, with her help, in 2001: while working for Peacemaker Community, she organized NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg’s visits. She subsequently studied not only with Marshall, but also with international trainers in France, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, and the United States.

An NVC trainer since 2003, Anna became a CNVC Certified Trainer in 2008. In addition to co-facilitating the Poland NVC Mediation Immersion Program with Ike Lasater, she has co-facilitated trainings in NVC and NVC Mediation in Germany, Greece, Korea, and Australia.

Anna also works with groups and couples and has facilitated workshops for the education sector, government organizations, NGOs, and businesses (Citibank, ING Bank, Nokia, Siemens). A recent professional interest is training trainers—offering NVC as a tool for improving quality and efficiency for trainers in other disciplines. In 2009, she completed postgraduate Trainer Studies at Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS).

Marta Kułaga

Marta Kułaga – Marta has been learning, teaching and practicing NVC since 2010. She is a CNVC-certified trainer and has completed comprehensive trainings in mediation, communication based on empathy. Following an approach of live-long learning she deepens her knowledge and practical skills by participating seminars in Poland and abroad.

In the last 2 decades, Marta has developed her own business of running private nurseries and kindergartens in Krakow. Here children, teachers and parents co-operate in an NVC-based attitude.

Besides she has founded Leance, social company where she and her colleagues work together in an environment that fosters co-creativity, community building on eye level and shared responsibility. Public institutions, national and international companies appreciate the consultancy and trainings of Leance.

Marta supports the Polish community of NVC practitioners and trainers by organizing seminars, festivals and workshops with international trainer-colleagues.

She herself facilitates trainings in many countries. She holds a strong motivation of co-creating communities and societies where respect, dignity and humanity prevail.

She is a support trainer during the course.


3o September  - 3 October 2021,
14-17 February 2022,
12-15 May 2022



3 600 euro



Alte Remise Im Kammergut Tiefurt - Hauptstrasse 14, 99425 Weimar-Tiefurt