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Needs-based Coaching

Intensive training based on Nonviolent Communication


Trainer: Pernille Plantener, certified NVC trainer and accredited coach

12-14 November 2021, 4-6 March 2022, 3-5 June 2022,
hours  9.00-18.00
in Cracow

What will you learn?


During the nine-days’ training Needs-based Coaching, you will learn a series of coaching techniques based on the understanding of how needs are the underlying motivation for all our actions. The training is fully interactive. You will experience step by step your own deeper longings and how to allow them to point the direction in your life, how to face your vulnerability and fear, and how to compose action steps that are significant and doable. The main focus is, through theory and exercises, that you will learn how to support others on this path.

Coaching is a structured conversation where the coach through curious questions supports the client’s self-connection and deeper sense of self. From this state, decisions become stronger and more robust. Supporting the client to come into alignment with her or his deeper values is the main focus.

We use the terms ‘coach’ and ‘client’, and this covers other kinds of helping relationships, such as parenting, leading teams from a coaching perspective and being a health professional wanting to empower your patients to become co-responsible for their own health.

The training will expose you to:

  • Basic coaching tools, such as empowering questions, curiosity, presence, interruptions, metaphors, intuition and much more.
  • Five different pathways that you can use in support of the client’s coming to alignment with their own feelings and needs.
  • Discussions and practices about how to support the client and to stay self-centered while you as the coach also allow transformation to happen for yourself.

Who is it for?

This training is dedicated to people who have already met and got familiar with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and now want to also take it into their professional lives. Even though NVC is the underlying foundation for Needs-Based Coaching, the training will focus on coaching skills rather than NVC. You will learn how to integrate NVC-consciousness when  having the position of coach, teacher, health provider, parent or manager and have a desire to empower your counterpart.

If you are inspired by NVC but haven’t been trained in it yet, we encourage you to connect with us and we will happily send you some reading suggestions as well as suggestions for basic NVC workshops in your area that you can choose to attend prior to this training.

If you are already trained as a coach and curious about the needs-based approach, this workshop may provide you with a bunch of new  tools.


English with Polish translation


1250 PLN per convention (3750 PLN for the whole training)
(payable 3 weeks before the convention)


Marta Kułaga, Joanna Nowicka Leace s.c. spółka cywilna

ul. Rękawka 10/15 30-535 Kraków

PL 83 1050 1445 1000 0092 8923 2457  SWIFT INGBPLPW


  • The training is a condensed version of the renowned ‘Coaching For Transformation’ certification programme organized by Leadership That Works and co-created by NVC-trainer Martha Lasley.
  • The training can count towards accreditation with the International Coach Federation when applicants follow the portefolio path. Pernille Plantener will send you the needed documentation through a complete list of contents, exercises and discussions for a payment of extra 50 PLN

About the trainer

Pernille Plantener Needs-based Coaching

Pernille Plantener, certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication in 2011 and certified coach from the program Coaching for Transformation in 2012 will be teaching her skills. She has been a farm advisor, project manager, process consultant and leader and self-employed coach and facilitator from 2013. She has extensive experience in the field of personal development and alternative ways of living, and has been working purposefully with Nonviolent Communication since 2002 and  teaching it since 2008. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, ICF where she holds an ACC credential. She runs the company BusinessByHeart.