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From peace in me to peace in the world

with Kirsten Kristensen


October 2020

Kraków, Poland

„Why is it hardest for me to come into an honest and deep relationship

with the people I love most?”


Statement of a workshop participant

Peace in me

We will deal with how we can become whole as a human being in our full vitality and in love. How can I carry this liveliness into my partnership, into my environment and into the world? How can we meet each other while remaining free and authentic and living our full potential? The Nonviolent Communication according to Marshall Rosenberg serves us as a resource.

Peace in the partnership

How do we stand in the world in our role as a man or a woman? What helps us? What is stopping us? We will explore what it takes to acknowledge our differences in partnership. We will become acquainted with strategies to simultaneously live and peacefully reconcile seemingly „contradictory” needs such as freedom and connectedness, as well as autonomy and intimacy.

Peace in the world

Real peace work works better when I am at peace with myself and with my environment. So how can I come to my peace and then carry it into the world? In this interplay between inner and outer peace, we learn to move and to grow.


When and where:

October 2020

Leance: ul. Kobierzyńska 24, Kraków


If you need accommodation, you can sleep in Leance – let us know that you want to use this option.


The meeting will have an international character and will be conducted in English, with a translation into Polish.

How much does it cost?


Fixed price is 1400 PLN but we invite you to decide how much you are willing and able to contribute by using the sliding scale: 700 – 2100 PLN.

If you pay more, you will support participants with lower financial resources and us, the trainer and the organizer, so we can live out of our work and continue organizing and delivering workshops.

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