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A leadership program built on being the change you want to see in the world

by Liv Larsson and Kay Rung

“it’s only meaning and purpose that can truly hold our hearts and minds for the long haul.”
Miki Kashtan


Aim of the training:
Letting you inner Leadership support you outer leadership and vice versa.

Walk your Talk Program

  • Situation based leadership-reacting in the moment according to a situation in the group and depending on the needs of an individual as well as the group.

The knowledge of how to ”read” a group process is essential to know how to act in order to support further growth.

  • Connecting with the audience.

We aim at learning how to find your own thesis, how to handle performance anxiety in order to be able to express your truth. Those lead to standing up for what you believe in without creating coercion or distance as well as to creating connection.

  • Leadership pitfalls.

How to handle difficult situations in groups and also how to face challenging individuals.

  • Shame, Anger, Guilt – and how they influence the leadership. Respect, acceptance and belonging can be influenced by shame, anger and guilt.

  • How to build and rebuild trust and how to lead not depending on trust.

  • How to mediate conflicts in a way that will lead you towards the goals of the group.



3 parts of five days, 

25-29 April 2017

23-27 September 2017

22-26 January 2018


“Koliba” Jaworki k Szczawnicy



for each module

the training 570 euro (due to a month before the start)

accomodation and food  (3 meals a day )  120 euro

prepayment while booking 200 euro (not refundable in case of resignation)

to the bank account

Leance sp z o.o. ul. Kobierzyńska 24 30-363 Kraków
PL 03 1050 1445 1000 0090 3081 8331

We wish to support NVC Nigeria project and we need 12 000 PLN ( 2740 euro) to finanse the Leadership course for one person from NVC community there. This is Chinyeaka Ezeani.

Chinyeaka Ezeani – She is Nigerian and presently residing in Ireland with frequent visits to Nigeria and other parts of the world where we serve.  Her passion is bringing nvc to organizations especially to our own where she is a member of the leadership team. She is so passionate about living and sharing nvc consciousness and skills that she and could easily plan and co-lead in-country nvc events especially in the area of bringing nvc to organizations.

You can support this by your donation to


The bank account details are:

Banker: Ulster Bank
Branch: Coolock Branch, Malahide Road
Coolock, Dublin 5, IRELAND

Current Account Details
Name:                               Missionary Sisters of the Holy
Rosary Development Account
Account Number:            26529003
Branch sort code:             98 -50 -15
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Walk your Talk, Leaderships with Nonviolent Communication.

A Helping hand, Mediation with Nonviolent Communication.

Liv i Kay




Liv Larsson and Kay Rung http://www.friareliv.se/en/


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