Towards Integrity

This training offers a unique experience in Europe – a training held and offered by three assessors. Get to know them, allay your fears and move beyond that place into mutuality, understanding and growth. This training is of benefit to the growth of NVC within you, within your community and in the world.
WHO FOR? You are a candidate for certification, thinking about becoming one, or even a certified trainer looking to explore the essential skill of feedback in our community especially as we move towards the New Future Process.
We know that living and sharing with integrity to the NVC message that Marshall gave us can improve our capacity to shine and be the change in the world we all want to see. We want to ensure that the quality of NVC trainings is as high as it can be. In this way everyone becomes attracted by the work we do- we increase our revenue and can sustain ourselves to do this work for longer.

THERE WILL BE: Opportunities for feedback on your skills and readiness to share NVC, explorations of what helps us to shine and a Sharing Best Practise. We are also open to requests from participants of aspects of NVC they would like to cover so we can co create some of the event.
Please note: Those candidates who have expressed an interest in pre- assessment for October 2017 and our pre- assessment event please note this is a replacement event. Do contact your assessor – it may be possible to have your pre- assessment at this event- therefore cutting out the need to travel to meet us AND in addition you could chose to present at the event- get feedback from the community and then not have to record yourself and send on for pre assessment. Please contact your assessor about this and the fees involved.

Candidates or pre registration candidates – priority will be given to candidates already registered with CNVC (with any assessor from any team) .

Max 20 Participants

Towe Widstrand, Deborah Bellamy and Shona Cameron

They are 3/5’s of the English Speaking European Assessor Team.
Between them they have over 55 years of experience of sharing NVC.
more info:
CPP here-

please register as soon as possible or until 31st of June 2017 . It is essential for us to be able to make the final decision about this event.

this training will be offered in English but we consider possibility of individual translator (contact us for details)

Thursday evening 12th to noon 15th Sunday October 2017

training cost: we ask for 400 EURO (about 1700 PLN)
deposit 500 PLN by 31st June
Payment to:
Rubikon Marta Kułaga 02 1050 1445 1000 0091 4893 7189

location: Warsaw area, Poland. Exact location will be announced as soon as possible.

registration form:

We request you to pay deposit or full amount within 7 days from filling out registration form to keep the place for you.

organizing team and contact info:

Ania Mills

Marta Kułaga