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Me and my friends decided to start organisation with a nursery, kindergarten, co-working, training and consultancy centre. All this activities are placed in one modern place located in Kraków in Poland. We are currently conduct an adaptation to be ready for operation from the first of April 2016.

Marta has run kindergartens since 2000 using Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and now we like to combine her experience with my experience in Lean and Teal organisation.

Marta has invented the name LeaNCe which contains two important for us elements Lean and Nonviolence Communication.

  • We are building an organization without hierarchy and managers.
  • Organisation with structure and processes which support change (evolution).
  • Where change can be initiated by each employee in response to changing needs. They follow easy and fast decision-making process.
  • Here conflicts are understand as an opportunity for improvement.
  • Where people determine their salaries themselves
  • It is not utopia, Teal organizations already exist and win in the competitive world, for example Morning Star or Buurtzorg.

If you want to know more read the book „Reinventing Organisation” Frederick Laloux.

To understand how an organization can function without managers read our statute. You can copy it, maybe improve and use. We are hungry for your opinion and experience about organisations without management, what by the way does not mean simply democratic.
You can add your comment, advice, share experience below this page or contact us.

Every one can contribute to this change and participate in benefits.

We invite you to participate in creating a community LeaCEe.
You can be Leance.


Our Statute

You can read more here:

„Teal organisation handbook” (in statu nascendi)

„What for”

„Po co”

„About our LeaNCe Project”

Statut turkusowej organizacji